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Elon Musk alleges ‘Apple threatened to yank Twitter from App Store’
29 Nov 2022

Elon Musk alleges ‘Apple threatened to yank Twitter from App Store’

Elon Musk, the multi billionaire business tycoon who recently took over Twitter alleges Apple, the most trusted brand for computers and mobile phones for pressurising twitter to block in its Apps Store. The Apple was putting pressure for moderation of content. He also twitted that the company has already stopped advertising on twitter.

This has been a practice at Apple as in the past apple removed Gab and Parler also from the app store. Later Parler, which is very popular among the conservatives of U.S. was restored back on apps store, once the app updated the content and modified its moderation practice.

Elon already indicated for sweeping changes immediately after he took over Twitter. He also activated some deactivated twitter accounts which includes one that of Ex president of United States Mr.Donald Trump.

Elon has twitted for Apple do they hate the free speech in America? He also tagged the twitter account of Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, asking what is going on here in his another tweet.

Earlier in his tweets Elan there has been a dip in its ad revenue drop due to the pressure put by activists on advertisers. Now Elan blames Apple for not advertising on twitter, though his serial tweets.