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Return of Donald Trump on Twitter after Restructuring
20 Nov 2022

Return of Donald Trump on Twitter after Restructuring

Twitter created the news in the past few weeks as there had been a lot what happened. The layoff of 3.7 K employees and affecting 90% of Indian employees in the company attracted the attention of people. This was followed by the takeover by the world richest business tycoon #ElonMusk.

The former President of USA and a dynamic personality across the globe #DonaldTrump account activation on most popular social media platform for active political comments is now on roll and created big news with a public support for his return. Elon musk conducted a public poll for the activation of twitter account of Mr. Trump and the public voting in his favor exceeded 51% mark. Elon Musk reminded the quote, “The voice of people is the voice of God.”

This is really important move as Trump recently made his intent clear to contest for 2024 presidential election. The twitter account of Trump was banned due the Capitol Hill riots in 2021 to combat the instigation of further violence and people dissent. The same happened to his Facebook page.

Elon made his view by asking people to support for Republican Party during the midterm election in US held few weeks back. It was a critical juncture for this poll conducted by Musk as the people are actively commenting on social media platforms for the mass retrenchment and exodus after the twitter is taken over by Elon.

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