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10 Best E-Commerce platforms for your online store
17 Aug 2022

10 Best E-Commerce platforms for your online store

Online store is a recent trend in business because of certain features distinct than a physical store. But in order to cater to the need of the clients a due care is required to think of the purchases and deliveries to be channelized in cost effective manner without making a compromise on the product quality.

The challenges to start an online store are to be thought of before investment. The sizing in terms of variety and inventory is to be properly and timely considered, keeping the demographic purchase trends and taste in mind.

In order to provide the services and products of acceptable quality and ensuring the timely delivery the sourcing platform selection is an important activity.

The top ten e- commerce platforms, with their unique feature are briefed as below. The serial number given is not the ranking and can vary for individual. The various online marketing websites offer a stiff competition to one another.

1. Big Commerce-

this platform is quite popular as it provides 15 days free trial; it is simple and easy to use for your online selling. It is considered to be one-stop shop to create an online store.

2. Zyro -

it is the platform better known for best price for full online stores. This is more useful and supportive to the people, who are not the developers and this provides every technical support for web creation also. It is quite suitable for beginners.

3. Wix-

it is most preferable for stores with low variety in terms of number of products offered for sale. This also supports for web development and store setup. It is fit for specific type of business. It does not accept payment through Google Pay and Apple.

4. Bluehost-

it is mostly suitable Word Press users intended to be online sellers. This provides ready website templates which prides a scope to use individual’s creativity. Over 2 million websites users preferred to used Blue host.

5. Squarespace-

Free unlimited hosting is offered by this platform. Excellent back up support is available through this platform.

6. Shopify-

This is a potential platform for drop shipping. It makes Instagram and Facebook marketing simple and easy. This is good for SEO response. It offers some special feature more suitable for big size stores. It is better than others in B2B offered features.

7. Shop wired-

this platform is getting popular very fast and is equipped with highly competitive features included in Shopify and Big Commerce. The products import and export is quick on this platform.

8. Woo Commerce-

this platform is best suited to run ecommerce and affiliate site simultaneously under one roof. It also provides the extensions for payment gateway as usual as by other platforms. For SEO WordPress is most suitable for this platform.

9. Volusion, the launch of this platform was in the year 2002.

It is most popular among the stores selling physical products. It is not available with blogging feature. Its dashboard makes it more convenient as the main action zone is at the top menu for navigation. The inventory and marketing management is easier through this.

10. Selly-

this platform was launched in the year 2011dedicated to digital products but lateron it was improved a lot to cater to the need of every business model. This is quick to make online store in few minutes using this platform.

Online stores are easy to excess as well as the price comparison and product selection is simpler through the use of these options. Online marketing expert has made our life simpler and the bargain is not needed but the wait for festive offers is to everybody.

The wide options as stated above are available and the pick of the right platform depends upon the size and variety to be offered through the store. The time saving and the availability of the products under one roof is setting the trend for online stores to come fast.

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