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Storytelling in content writing, why is it matters?
18 Jan 2023

Storytelling in content writing, why is it matters?

Making content or any type of written copy is an important thing on digital platforms. It is a core element for reaching the market and audience nowadays.

They say, “Content is king.” Whether make content for people to read, hear or watch and see. We know without it all the marketing and communication will be empty and of no use.

For making your content marketing easy, impactful, and outperforming having a digital marketing services company having is the best option to consider due to their expertise in the field.

But in all the written content, the best ones are those that have the essential element called “storytelling.” Storytelling important part of writing. People like stories. They like to hear, read, see stories even tell stories to others. That is why news is a popular form of media.

Below are the reasons why being storytelling matters: -

1. Give Uniqueness to Brand, Business, or individual: Story gives you a unique stand out from the crowd which gives you more good outcomes and outperformance. It is reported that about 90% of people buy from the brands. They like and follow online platforms.

2. Story makes you memorable & Likeable: Psychologists say it is far easy to remember a story than facts. With the relatable aspect comes the likeability factor. The story touches both these at once in the audience and potential customers.

3. Takes your mission & purpose to people in an impactful manner: Brands and businesses can transfer their beliefs and mission to people through storytelling. Understanding their purpose can provide people with common ground for trusting them and later bring the empathy factor from people to the brand and business. Mere data appeals to a part of a person’s brain but a story can fire up other parts of the brain as well.

4. Long terms B2B and B2C relationship: The story develops a loyalty aspect. Everyone seeks the person or thing that they can trust. The story conveys emotion to people. People now are become loyal, and they tend to take resources from you when you have a good story and standards maintained. Whether you are B2B, B2C, or both. They become your regular buys or audience. They often serve as with word-of-mouth reference to others who are new to you. And they tend not to buy or consume the same services or products from others. That is why businesses and brands usually hire an online marketing expert to do effective content marketing for them.

Note: Long-form content with no distinct beginning, middle or end is not storytelling.

Now, let us discuss what you need to include storytelling in your content-making.

These are elements to involve for making your writing story like.
Storytelling must have character(s), and a theme, it has a protagonist, conflict, resolution, setting, structure, and pacing (moving of story).

1. Character(s) and Protagonist: When you include people in your information. It makes it humanized and personalized. An antagonist is the main character or heroic figure in the story. He (or it) can give your data a more story like effect as a solution to the conflict.

2. Conflict: It gives them the feeling of being part of the story or learning resolutions and finding their solution to the conflict.

3. Theme: The theme is what the story is about and is something that gets certain categories of people to your story having a strong interest in the story.

4. Resolution: People like happy endings. That is why they look for happy-ending stories. The story that does well often makes people wait for a happy resolution to the conflict.

5. Setting, Structure, and Pacing: Setting is where the story is taking place. People like places and stories that involve their favorite places or those that are relative to them get the people's connection and imagination fired up towards the story. But for a good connection, comprehension, clear structure, and pacing are important aspects of writing anything. Especially for stories, it gives them easy and impacting content, and in a way that helps in sharing it with others too.

We know, it is very to involve all these points in all your writings. But worry not!
It can take time to skillfully involve them in writing. You can start by using one or two. Just by giving a problem and your product or service as a solution to it. Have a happy story like content-making journey ahead!

Content Marketing is a critical element for market & online growth. Cosmocrat Software Solutions can give the best content marketing for your business. Reach out to us for more information!

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