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New ways to monetize a channel on YouTube
08 Nov 2022

Perfect social media selection to boost business

There cannot be a denial to the fact that there is no possibility to run a business without promoting it to the social media platforms. There are number of social media platforms but the targeted audience and the regional impact of every platform is distinct. So the selection of the right social media for the business promotion is must to be well understood Digital Advertising Agency. There are certain considerations for the right selection of the social media platforms.

The vital few are listed below

  • Objective and intent for the use of Social Media:- The objective of the use of social media is to be clear in mind as this is vital to exploit the right channel. One need to be clear about the intent among brand awareness, audience target and Audience communication and engagement. This will definitely help you out to choose few which may be the appropriate for business and brand.
  • Audience Presence:- What matters most is the audience there are number of platforms used by different segment and class of the people so the social media marketer must be able to analyze the right social media platform on which the targeted audience has impactful presence. May be a platform has larger presence by number but the other one has the smaller but right kind of the audience suited to the business we must go with this platform. The business type and brand as well as offerings of the services need also be taken in consideration for appropriate social media selection.
  • Potential Social Media Platforms:
    1. Facebook This is the platform which is one of the oldest social media platform and has close to 2.5 Billion active users across the globe. This is the platform through which the families are connected not only the individuals with individuals. This a good platform to post news, updates, reels, photos and post comments which keeps the audience engaged.
    2. Instagram In the recent years this platform is very popular among youths. This is widely used for share of videos, photos and messages. This makes your reach better. Lot of Instagram stories are from business segment. This is the platform which can potentially be used for event registration and download of the Apps.
    3. Twitter this a fast paced platform where the people monitor and keeps them updated with the latest and trendy events and topics. This is a potential platform to keep the communication effective with individuals, business ventures and brands. The right use of hashtag makes your reach to a wider segment of people.
    4. LinkedIn this is the platform used by professional and business houses so good for B2C and B2B both. This has most authentic set of professionals and trusted as an authentic platform.
    5. YouTube as the video impact in publicity and marketing is the highest so this platform for best for videos and thus the best platform for the impact creation through videos related to brand and services.

The recent surveys confirmed that Facebook and YouTube are still the most popular among the US adult generation. Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular among the youths between 18 to 25 years.

The awareness about the platforms and to keep yourself updated about the user segment of the particular platform makes it easy to select the appropriate social media platform for online marketing Websites to utilize the combination of social media platforms for effective social media marketing and to reach to the most suited audience.

Cosmocrat Software Solutions is a leading Digital Marketing company and keeps a close vigil on the recent trends in digital marketing. Thich enables us to promote the business by analyzing the different social media platform’s utility and to target the right audience for the brand or services.

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