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How to Draw the Attention of Audience to your New Digital Marketing Blog
20 Oct 2022

How to Draw the Attention of Audience to your New Digital Marketing Blog

There are numerous activities in the event of Digital marketing. Blogs Play a vital role in the act of Digital Marketing. But the quality of blog is what draws the attention of audience. The task is not very complicated if the right approach is adopted. Followings are the points to be kept in mind while developing the content:-

  • Keep the blog simple as much as possible.
  • Include pictures to make them convey the message.
  • Try to keep the audience to be responsive and active on social media do not get afraid of critics even.
  • If audience as groups or individuals are known in advance try make the messages a bit personal as a tailormade message is better than more general but do not deviate the essence of topic in blogs.

As per the data there are nearly two million blogs are being posted every single day and every body tries level best to draw the attention of the audience. So, the task requires special attention on quality content not the quantity of the content.

A blogger feels frustrated as he spends hour to write the blog and response does not come encouraging. If the following steps are followed the chances are higher to get better response in the form of more email’s subscription and higher customer attention. These are the tips for getting better response for the posts.

First step:

Think Before Post that what your post is aimed for? What is my targeted segment and what I expect them to do after reading my post? This little exercise may yield better result.

Second Step:

After you are over with First Step you can better determine your potential readers and can strategies to reach to them. One very potential place is the Facebook and the other on the blogs where the read this can easily be searched on which has a huge storage of blogs and can be sorted by the categories. Additionally, the other complementary topics can also be found out on the other complementary areas for the interest of a content marketer for a social media organization may be in the fields of advertising, entrepreneurship and business to identify more potential readers. Additionally on Facebook it is easy to find the interest of your friends and fans in terms of the content and pages they are engaged with.

Third Step:

With the above two acts we are now clear in our objective as well as are able to understand the interest of readers. Now the third task is to find the answer of question why my post is to be read? This helps the blogger to create a URP (Unique Reading Position). There are some activities which are quite proven for URP:

Exhibiting Results for what you are writing in order to prove its authenticity by collecting and publishing the data. This puts an impact and justifies which in turns generate faith among readers.

Associated Story Telling is a potential way to attract the attention of the readers it acts the same way as the reels do on Facebook. So the real time story narration in the blog adds a feather in cap.

Fourth Step:

Now it is the time to incorporate these all acts and distribute the post. There is significant research is needed to create an effective blog which may grab the attention of the audience. There is another quicker way is to post the blog to leverage someone’s audience. This is known as guest post. In the activities we carried out for enhancing reach to the audience through blogs we know where our readers are more active at and thus you have the idea to alert the particular influencer as the blog relevance.


The blogging is a potential act for digital marketing but the reach to the audience is always vital for fruitful result if the suggested approach is practiced the result will be encouraging for the bloggers.
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