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Right Resolutions to run a successful business in 2023!
30 Dec 2022

Right Resolutions to run a successful business in 2023!

We are at the edge of the cliff of 2022 to jump into the year 2023. The beginning of all new years has endless possibilities and opportunities.

In terms of 2022, we have seen many things in 2022 climate change, inflation, war, and the recent winning of Argentina in FIFA. Some of them were good and others bad. This 2022 has been one of the recovery stages (Started in 2021 with vaccinations) from covid19 pandemic but some like China still going through the fight against covid19. Therefore, the year 2023 is also going to contribute to recovery, possibilities, and changes.

Why do we celebrate the New Year at all since we do not exactly predict or prevent that which is coming?

New Year's Day– which is the world's most celebrated holiday. We would say it is important because it promotes the idea of a beginning. We, humans, are Pro-creators, full of imagination we like to create and begin new things in our lives, for others and people around us. New Year is not just about celebrations and resolutions only. It is more than having fun from 31st to 1st January. It encourages many new beginnings.

On this day, we also remind & remember last year's successes and failures and look ahead to the promise of a new year, of a new beginning. It gives us the chance to celebrate that made it through another 365 days saying, “Phew! Finally, the year ended, therefore, we strengthen our feeble arms and weak knees and stand and start our life afresh”

We, who do business, are also optimistic about the new year possibilities for us. Many businesses want to do their best, so they start hiring fresh minds and motivating their employees toward a fresh start. They make a few changes in their work systems and approach to the market and customers. They advertise and promote their service and products.

Today, we are presenting you our best picks and researched suggestions for your company to resolute and apply for doing better and not just getting the most out of 2023 but also for years to come. If you are running an online business. It is going to be helpful for your online presence too.

1. Reintroduce Your Brand

Your brand has a story and if people like your story. They are 55% likely to buy your product, 44% will share the brand & product and 15% will instantly buy your product. The humans are most emotional beings and when you create a solid emotional connection. It encourages people to support your business. It is not that you are tricking people but telling the story in a no-salesy way about your brand by telling them how the brand had started, what motivates you to keep doing and what you do every day.

2. Audit your company

As we know that doing this help in examining the present state of the company, beginning of the New Year is a perfect opportunity to recognize where you are doing and where you take steps to do better. Do your online audit as well which is particularly important if you are running your business online. If you are not sure where to start, we are digital marketing agency that specialized in marketing audits and is best to help you with your online reach. So, feel free to contact us, so we can get start auditing for you.

3. Improve your Hiring efforts

Character: People tend to make prioritize skill, qualification, and then experience. We do need people with experience and high skills. Primarily, looking for people who have a good character and attitude will be immensely helpful for your company’s overall success and customers too.

Credentials: We know that our businesses need to hire people who are good at what they do and have both experience and ability for their job descriptions. Also, keep in mind, that you do not have to give unnecessary requirements in the job description. Be specific with what you need and how much you need. It helps the best potential people to apply for the Job.

While hiring, make sure, you have a proper system set to enable job applicants to display their skills, experience, and potential with character in focus. To make sure they have good character that is not always easy to find in 2-3 hours of the interview. You can have them on 1 week or a month's trial or a provisional period.

4. Improve your companies inside atmosphere for customers and all employees

There is a significant employee shortage for good positions that require high skills. Due to a bad atmosphere, people tend to leave the company and sometimes make their own, they are leaving jobs because they were not satisfied company’s culture and behavior. Saracen group has seen that 43% of good and highly skilled people reject some companies just because of the company's bad atmosphere and uninspiring office. That is why a few companies like Starbucks and virgin group make it their priority.

Richard Branson, a British millionaire, founder of virgin group, and holder of more than four hundred companies said, “Train People Well Enough So They Can Leave, Treat Them Well Enough, So They Don’t Want To.”

“Your business must attract the best and keep the best for your success.” Therefore, you must make the atmosphere of your company exceptionally good so that people want to work for you and do not leave.

Apart from paying them enough, here three more things you can focus on to make the company’s culture and atmosphere great for any employee.

a. Culture: Improving culture helps improve your reputation, retention rate, and productivity while also attracting top talents to your company. Have good cultural practices which could go like this. Establishing core values, supporting open and effective communication and feedback, focused employee development, incentives, and benefits, and a workspace that is comfortable and welcoming to all.

b. Appreciate: People get very demotivated by work if they do not get recognition and appreciation. Making it a priority for all in your company will surely encourage employees to feel better about their work and be cheerful do more due to the positivity energy of gratitude.

c. Well-being of your employees:
A. Communication: Do better communication in terms of any changes, and plans to your employees. It gives the feeling of belongness to your company, the goals, and the growth. It ensures that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goal.

B. Listen to feedback: It helps employees feel that company values and hears them. You should encourage them for constructive feedback and communication about the processes or systems in that they are not able to work or work as efficiently as they could. Listen to them, and work together towards the solution for any problem or issue that comes up.

C. Invest in employees: It can train, certifications, skills, or licenses. Employees will always appreciate your trust in them and that you believe in them enough to aid and upgrade their skills and talents. Doing this will allow them to work to their full potential and be loyal to the company.

5. Automation trends

Automation tools give you a way to automate routine and repetitive tasks at scale. To run company internal processes and to increase great customer experience. Which includes marketing tools for CRM, social media, advertising, lead management, or email.

It is difficult unless you understand the data you own, put that data correctly in tools for automation, and use that to automate your information to consumers or your customers.

6. Host Digital/Offline Program

It helps you connect to a larger audience and your potential future customers. Doing the program will grow awareness among people and increase sales. When you do digital events, it cuts down the cost, affords, and time. But both are helpful for an audience looking to learn about your products and service, network building, and share expertise. It is useful to display new projects, show off your interface with the freshest data, and your new product launch.

7. Considering Freelancers

The reason you can consider this path as quick help or long-term strategy for your company and work is

Expertise – No need for your time to train them. Select the highly skilled expertise in your industry. You can find freelancers with the industry-specific knowledge you need.

Mini amount of oversight needed: These people are self-starters and self-sufficient because of this they are self-motivated too. They do not need supervision to work well. You can count on them to talk to you when there is a question or any concerns.

Higher quality work – They are self-determined professionals who want to be their own boss and they rely on quality for further contracts. So can expect high-quality work from them.

Collaborating with freelancers are boost your productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

8. Being on the Trends

Being old, out of older of the day, and irrelevant is very harmful to your business and its success. Getting a hold on what is your industry’s vertical hot and upcoming trends is a key to growing your business faster. It helps you to successfully plan and process your business in the ever-evolving business market.

9. Use paid advertising agencies to utilize your high-performing content

Content that has proven to be successful is a clever way to use for other products as well, company, and brand promotion. Hiring a digital marketing agency to do those tasks for you will give you chance to have better results for your other products as well. Paid amplifications are good to do for you. It is an effective way to boost awareness.

10. Increase Customer lifetime value (CLV)

It is a measurement that shows customer lifetime spending on a product of a particular company. How much-repeatedly buying and becoming a regular client in going with customers? By applying these points, we can increase our CLV. Here are some to consider; Offer a Referral Programs Discount coupons, Do Targeted and Personalized Campaigns, and Hear Customers. Make Content to Keep Customers Engaged, Improve Customer Service, Reward the Most Loyal Clients, and Benefit from Cross-Selling (Selling your other products or it with other products) and Upselling (premium or upgrade services) Strategies.

11. Improve lead management

We have led through the help of a Digital Marketing Expert or via the company's efforts. It is not going to be fruitful if the lead management was not proper. You can do these things to improve your lead management.

- Use personalized text marketing
- Have a lead scoring system
- Nurture leads with unique, targeted content
- Use of right technology to boost your work and save time for you to use other tasks

Few quick tips to grow your lead base if you do not know how. Do marketing on social media, google, email, or SMS (sell your product with offers and coupons), Generate leads, build brand awareness, and increase site traffic.

12. Having work-life balance

An upset person cannot be productive. People are never always productive. Your work and family if not balanced can leave an adverse effect on both work and your job. Leading the company to bad results. Your work is not your life: set right & clear boundaries for yourself, your family, your friends, and your health, and commit to running your business the way that is good for you. Respect your employee's work-life balance by making the right policies and processes for employees. a way to run a business that is good for you, and not for the business only. Happier people are always more productive.

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