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5 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence & Followers In 2023
12 Dec 2022

5 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence & Followers In 2023

“We are near the end of 2023 and from the edge of the year 2022
There’s a sea leading to endless possibilities in the year 2023”

Since we are on the edge of our current year, it is the just right time to start afresh and better the New Year. It’s time to evaluate and examine our strategies on our social media. I am sure. We all want our social presence to grow and have strong status on social media platforms. Either we are a company with a brand or an individual making a brand.

To grow ourselves in these platforms, there’s a need to understand a few things about them

Social Media

The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are platforms that are user-centric and enable communal activity.
They consist of you (as a user who can Company, Personal Business, Creator, or influencer), the internet (Search Engine, Platform providing diverse community, Social Media Functionality & Tools), and the public (Your audience, and the people you’ll engage online)

Social media boosts your presence and brand among potential customers, leading you to the path to a wide audience by using less amount of time with good effort and consistency.
Having social media is not going to be a boost in itself but choosing the right one or more than one is.

1. Choose that which works for you best

When you decide to be on social media, choose quality over quantity. You have to be careful while choosing the platform. Take only what works best for your desired outcome.

Ask yourself

a. What is your purpose for using the platform and which platform helps fulfill your need? Look at the simple guide while choosing the platform.



b. Do you have enough people, time, tools, and equipment for managing social media?

c. Do you have a proper strategy and expertise to carry out the plan and strategy?

Point B may not be a big concern if you are just starting and running an individual account in any given platform if you are a beginner but you still need a good strategy, plan, and persistent hard work.

2. Your Profile:

The most important thing on your social media is your profile. Spend time customizing your profile. Consider these questions when customizing your profile.

i. Plan: what are you going to give to people who are either your audience or customer?
ii. People: Who is your audience primarily? There is a chance that people with entirely different interests come to you as an audience or customer but always have a proper plan of how will you reach your audience, customer, or those potentials.
iii. Profile: When customizing your profile always use keywords for optimization and better search ability for customers or audiences to find you. You must make your username and profile picture compelling, catchy, and clear. There are other details to cover with relevant information relating to who you are and what you are offering on social media like Bio, Description, Credentials, Highlights, and Personality featuring you or your brand.

3. Post daily or more consistently:

Put the content consistently related to your topic (Choose a subject and good questions that will interest you) and stick to your product niche. If you are a busy person then you can use automation tools both for engaging as some of them provide to business accounts and schedule you to post so that you do not miss the marked date for the content in your free time.

4. Being Active:

a. You have to learn to use features available on the platform to grow your influence and interaction with people on your platform like replying to comments and giving likes on them,
b. You can like other people's good posts and do cross-branding with them
c. Put other things than posts like highlights, status, Instagram Grid, Carousal, Topic related content in form of quotes, Images (good quality, compelling, and customized images), Videos, or stories.

5. Promote your content:

a. Share your content link in a message, comment, or any other text format with a compelling short text invitation to read.
b. Publish the same post or piece of information across other social media.
c. Hashtags are keywords for social media apart from what you’ve used to optimize your account and content by post captions and words that you’ve. Use a relevant perfect amount of hashtags to make your post visible to those who do not follow you or connect to you. Avoid hashtag spam.

When starting your social media profile as a company and when a normal amount of growth is urgent then hire a digital marketing agency or online marketing expert to help with the task to achieve your desired goal faster and in fruitfully manner.

Looking for a quick and effective boost on social media, building a brand, and enhancing your reach?
Cosmocrat Software Solutions is here for you with our experts on social media and digital marketing; we will help you reach your desired goal to make your fresh start in 2023 fast and better. Happy New Year In Advance!

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