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Evolution of Digital Marketing
28 March 2022

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Every industry evolves with new technologies, and digital marketing is no exception. Maintaining contact with your audience requires staying abreast of the latest developments, but understanding the history of the field facilitates fully appreciating contemporary tactics and strategies.

Before the era of Digital Marketing, businesses solely relied on offline practices or Television Advertising. Offline advertising has always been majorly costly and only a few businesses could afford it leaving the other businesses to depend on referrals.

It is really next to impossible to get convince someone to buy your services and products, this is where digital marketing plays a crucial role.

Let us look at some ways it has been involved and how!

  • Search Engine comes into play

    Search engines index and store web pages based on terms used in search terms used to crawl web pages. As a result, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) emerged as a means to increase the visibility of websites and blogs, which combines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising.

  • The Social Media Revolution

    Social Media has become one of the most integral parts of our lives. We really cannot imagine our lives without it. Earlier, social media was generally used to connect with people through chat mediums and putting up updates on Facebook. The business started to take over these platforms as they knew this was the best to get notices as well as they could easily connect with them.

    Businesses can also reach out to global audiences through social media. This can be achieved by using paid ads targeted toward a specific audience, partnering with influencers who market products to followers, and so on.

  • Mobile-First Marketing

    Due to the growing mobile usage and AMP initiative, marketers need to make sure that marketing campaigns are not only accessible on larger screens, but can also be viewed on smaller screens without noticing differences in visuals or performance.

  • Consumer data and targeted campaigns

    It is particularly important to be able to predict customer behavior since marketing strategies are continuously evolving due to technology and other factors. It is possible to identify any changes in consumer behavior through CRM techniques such as regression and statistical analysis.

    This enables better measurement of marketing performance by creating business impact models.

  • Voice Search

    A new way to conduct searches, as well as market businesses, is voice search, which has become one of the most important trends in marketing. Also, its results generally have a high chance of being extremely relevant at first glance, which can attract more traffic.

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