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New ways to monetize a channel on YouTube
09 Nov 2022

New ways to monetize a channel on YouTube

There are certain changes in Partnership program of You Tube which is supposed to be implemented in 2023. It is expected that updated terms of this partnership program will be available for all partners in mid of January 2023 for their acceptance. This shall incorporate the updated terms for revenue generation from advertisements from shorts. The announcement will be made once these terms are available.

It has been an exhaustive exercise to reshape the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP). As expected the updates will be available in mid-January 2023 January for the access to partnership and provide better opportunities to the partners for money making with shorts, including the share of revenue generated through ads. The revenue sharing from the shorts advertisements is expected to get implemented on February 1st 2023. This will only be for those who sign the agreement on allotted span of time. The details can be found out on this page.

In the present time there are ten ways which You Tube offers for its partners for earning through you tube. With the new announcement other ways are also added and introduction of varying eligibility threshold for the YouTube Partnership Program is meant to open more creators. With the new proposed YPP expected to be implemented in Mid-January 2023 the newly eligible creators will be eligible to join YPP in following two conditions:

1. Getting 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months or

2. Getting 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

As of October 2022, eligible Shorts views for creators not in the YPP count towards eligibility for the YPP

Apart of the above mentioned the lower threshold eligibility for YPP creators is to be introduced for the access of Fan Funding to the creator’s earlier (Like Super Thanks, Super Stickers, Membership of Channel and Super chat). These new eligibility for lower threshold for the access to fan funding will get started in 2023 and will be applicable to the video of long form, Short content as well as for live streaming. The more details are still to be revealed.

Keep in mind that any public watch hours from Shorts views in the Shorts Feed won't count towards the 4,000 public watch hour’s threshold.

Earn money on YouTube Shorts
Become eligible for the YPP with Shorts

We will soon launch YouTube Partner Program (YPP) eligibility threshold criteria for creators of the Shorts. The creators can be eligible for YPP , starting in the mid of Jan 2023, once they reach to 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public views for Shorts in a span of last 90 days. In this YPP programme the partners will get access to all the benefits and features offered by YPP, this will include ads during the long form videos. The creators will still have the option available to get qualified for YPP with 1,000 subscribers and a watch time of 4,000 public hours during the last 12 month time period but the watch hours duration for shorts views is not counted in this threshold.

The review of channel will be done once the channel applies for YPP for meeting the criteria for YouTube's channel monetization policies. This will be applicable to all looking to apply for YPP. The channels must upload the original content, created on or off You Tube in order to be eligible for monetization.

The following condition applies to ineligible videos:

  • The Non – original video clips which are unedited from TV shows and movies.
  • The video clips which are re uploaded and are created by other creator’s content from any other as well as You Tube platform without adding any original content.

In order to monetize with ads, it is must that the content meet the advertiser-friendly content guidelines

Ad revenue with Shorts

This Ads revenue sharing for Shorts will begin on February 1st 2023 but this will not make any change to the existing model for revenue sharing for long form videos or other Fan Funding Products.

All existing creators as well as new creators under YPP will be eligible for revenue share of the ads viewed between the shorts from February 1st 2023. One is supposed to review and accept the agreement meant for the purpose under YPP as a partner and accept the same for getting the share of revenue of ads on Shorts. The share of revenue on ads for shorts is a potential way for creators to generate earnings on You Tube. This is in addition to the other revenue generating avenues like ads on long form videos, Fan Funding products, merch and other few.

The revenue thus generated through the ads will get added and the short creators will be rewarded which cover the music licensing shall cost. The creator will keep 45% of the revenue shared irrespective that the creator used the music or not in their shorts. This revenue share is based on the number of views the Short gets in each country.

Replacing the You Tube Shorts Fund

On 1st February 2023 the Shorts ads revenue sharing will commence and replace YouTube Shorts Fund. The Shorts funds recipients are expected to make more money with this new YPP. The shift of fixed fund to the ads revenue sharing will definitely boost the share of creators in platform’s success. The You Tube Shorts and the number of creators will grow and this will lead to boost the earnings of Creators too. The final Short Funds invited in January 2023 will go out in February 2023 and the payments in march 2023 (subject to AdSense payment thresholds and requirements).

More Ways to Earn on Shorts

The Super Thanks is being made available globally on Shorts from 10th January 2023. As You Tube Bran connects, the efforts are to bring the Shorts creators and brand together.

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