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How to Protect Customer Data Privacy in Digital Marketing
21 Sep 2022

How to Protect Customer Data Privacy in Digital Marketing

Every website collects the information about the website visitor. It is not possible to get business in the absence of client’s data. But the at the same time this is prone to get attacked by the cyber criminals who try to get the data for selling it to third parties as well as can make use of this data for ransom.

This is essential for a digital marketing services company to safeguard its client data. With no control on cybercrime and its operators it is vital to keep every bit of data collected by you safe in any condition in order to keep the faith of your customers in your operations.

Need to Protect the Customer Data:

It is the wonder of internet that the data transfer process is extremely quick and accurate but at the same time it is a threat if the data handling is not done with utmost care. If it is not done then you might lose the customers and are also liable for legal action to face, as there are the regulations enforced by General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy act (CCPA) and other regulatory bodies, region specific. These regulatory bodies and acts have made a penalty provisions.

Vital Steps to Protect Customer Data:

The prime responsibility to keep the customer data protected in order to avoid the penalties under different acts lies on SEO Digital Agency. Following are the steps suggested to be exercised for the customer data security.

1. Collection only Vital Data: It is wise to collect only limited vital data which is required for the process of digital marketing. This will increase the faith of your customer in you. Limited data pertaining to customers is less prone to attract the attention of hackers. A due care is required for CRM App installed in mobile as through these apps all the data available in mobile is on high risk. So the Digital Marketing agencies are required to conduct periodic Audit to avoid such things.

2. Limit Data Access: In an organization the access to customer data by the employees is to be kept limited as it reduces the chances of data liking as well as there the entire manpower in an organization is not trust worthy. In addition to the access to the numbers limiting the data segments will ensure higher safety.

3. Password Management Tool Implementation: the human resource in the organization authorized for the data access and handling must make use of password management tool. This will provide better cyber security to the data. The password selected must be difficult so that the possibility of breaching the security is least.

4. Restrict the use of Data Silos: Data silos are used for data analysis but a judicious use is to be made as the use of silos increases the data vulnerability to a large extent. By the use of silos there is every possibility of data pieces storage at unsecured and unapproved applications. This puts the data at the risk of data breach.

5. Frame security standards: A data is only safe if the tool used is secure. If SaaS is used as a tool to handle the data it may be on risk as the tool is not that safe. So it is recommended to frame the security standards by using authentic tools which comply with SOC2 or ISO 27001 standards which recommends continuous monitoring and upgrading of their security protocols.


Data collection is mandatory but its security is equally important in order to avoid the customer drift and to avoid penalties also.

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