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The 5 Types of Influencers You Need to Know?
05 May 2022

The 5 Types of Influencers You Need to Know?

Influencer marketing generates a 5 times return on investment for brands if they find the right one to work with. And that's the first hurdle: considering the best types of influencers who really can help the brand acquire real results. Let's discuss which type of influencer will be the best fit for your brand.
Here we have a list of 5 types of influencers you need to know-

  • Mega-influencers
  • Macro-influencers
  • Mid-tier influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Nano-influencers


Mega-influencers are prominent on social media due to their fame and notoriety, with over a million followers. They're very active on social media platforms where their target audience lingers out, and they get a lot of interaction. This is what makes them alluring to brands looking to use influencer marketing and also this is the reason why they are so expensive.
While mega-influencers have a massive following, studies found that the proportion of engagement drops as the number of followers grows. The engagement rate for Instagram influencers with over 10 million followers is only 1.6 percent.


Macro-influencers are celebrities, TV personalities, athletes, or public intellectuals who have a smaller audience somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million followers. Brands can expect a high valuation from mega-influencers since they can leverage their reputation to gain followers on social media. With this sort of influencer, brands can still reach millions of people, but engagement rates may be lower than desired. The reason for this is the previously mentioned follower-to-engagement ratio.
Brands will usually find macro-influencer content to be more professional-looking than micro- or nano-influencer content. This may be a better fit for some brands' potential audiences and expectations.

Mid-tier influencers

Despite the fact that mid-tier influencers don't really have celebrity status, they are indeed a cohesive entity of content creators who are trusted by their audiences. This type of influencer, with audiences of 50K to 500K, offers a broad reach and significantly higher engagement than macro- or mega-influencers. Each post is authentic and familiar since the content is refined but not out of date.
Mid-tier influencers likely spent years hopping the ranks from nano-influencer to mid-tier influencer, rather than effectively utilizing fame for a quick rise to prominence. They have a lot of content creation experience and are more connected to their audience.


Despite having a much smaller following than mega-influencers, brands consider micro-influencers to be much more efficacious in terms of engagement and trust. Because micro-influencers have a strong bond with their fans and are more gimmick, this is the case. A product recommended by a micro-influencer is more likely to be purchased by 82% of consumers.
Micro-influencer content is less slick than macro- or mega-influencer content, but it may perceive as more genuine. Depending on the business goals, this might have had an influence on the total success a brand will have with influencer marketing.


Nano-influencers, with the slightest number of followers, offer brands with a limited reach and, most likely, a narrower one. What brands lose in reach, they help compensate for engagement rates. With an engagement rate of 8.8%, nano-influencers have the highest engagement rate of any influencer type. Because this type of influencer's content is highly authentic and personalized for the audience, brands operating with them can expect a unique experience.
Nano-influencers are often more cost-effective than their higher-ups, so brands with constrained capacity may want to begin with them. While establishing their following and brand alliances, some nano-influencers don't even consider charging brands.

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