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What are YouTube Shorts and how to successfully utilize them?
12 Oct 2022

What are YouTube Shorts and how to successfully utilize them?

YouTube Shorts are short videos that can span for 60 seconds or less, they are portrait mode short videos that one create or watch on YouTube. One can use these videos for enhancing their digital presence, promote or advertise products or brands without creating long videos, give reviews, etc. It is easy and quick to amplify the Shorts using features like segmenting, app-based recording, musical overlays or soothing graphical backgrounds depending upon an individual’s knowledge of the apps and resources available. The best advantage of the YouTube Shorts is the unlike Snap chats and Instagram Reels they do not disappear which makes them all the more accessible to the people one aims to reach out to.

YouTube Shorts were launched to offer the advantage and convenience of short and crisp content to the public that grew bored of the lengthy, detailed and tenuous task of sitting through the video. If online marketing experts and digital marketing services providing companies have stated for facts that YouTube shorts have catered to the process of scrutiny for the viewers. The advent of YouTube Shorts came in when the world was still dwindling indoor and outdoor debate given the situation of COVID. YouTube like many other platforms joined the march to provide its users the short versions of content. The official launch count of Shorts globally has exceeded 100 countries as per an estimate.

The YouTube Shorts performed quite well in India, given the short period of time it had been launched, people grew fond of these short videos in no time and it helped them to choose the content they wanted to watch and discard what they disliked. YouTube Shorts were successfully launched in the U.S. and it surpassed 6.5 billion daily views swiftly. It was a guns blazing win for not just YouTube but the content creators as well, since they managed to reach more people who welcomed their content.

How to use YouTube Shorts effectively?

You are one step ahead when creating a Short, when you have the YouTube app, it’s just one tap away.

When you land on the home screen, you'll see the "+" icon in the center of the navigation. While clicking on it the menu will show you Create a short, once you click/ tap on Create the camera screen is operative and you are allowed to:

  • Record segments of a 60-second clip or a full minute-long video.
  • You can now record a clip of 60 seconds or a one-minute-long video. Film a "short" with back or front-facing cameras.
  • Adjust video speed.
  • Set a recording timer.
  • Pick sounds or music for musical overlays.
  • Add filters and text

Although recent times have seen some noticeable changes. The most evident impost them have been the time on has been expanded to 60 seconds which is an icing on the cake for both the content creators and the viewers. Normally the duration of majority of Shorts are longer more than fifteen seconds.

YouTube Shorts are advantageous for any company if they are coherent with the use of digital marketing strategies is a repute digital marketing company. If you are facing any issue regarding digital marketing Cosmocrat Software Solutions is to help you out.

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